I’m Hannah Hu. I code, draw, and craft stuff. Not necessarily all those at once.

Street cred

Software engineering

I currently work at Playstation. Previous employers include Humble Bundle (2015-2022) and Yelp (2009-2014).

While I’ve worked as a “full-stack” software engineer, I started as “frontend” and it still remains my area of focus and fondness.


I draw in my spare time. Most of my work are fanart and span a variety of styles, from manga-inspired to photorealistic. I also like to draw short comics sometimes.


Occasionally I like to make pixel beadsprites, needle-felt, and cut cardboard into various tools because I’m too damn cheap to buy something nicer.

Name origin

I have three H’s in my name. “Hx3” is cool. “H cubed” or “H cube” is cooler. But someone already got the “h-cubed” domain name, so I chose “h-cubism”.


You’ll likely see me on the internet with this face:

Illustration of my face

It’s several years old (compare with my footer image, which is the newest iteration of me), but I have a special fondness for it.

Technical foundation of this site

  • TailwindCSS
  • Jekyll